₱4,195.00 ₱3,565.75

Limelight Series – Embrace Your Shiny Hidden Side
The Limelight series utilizes a special fabric which appears dull grey under natural daylight, but will flash a brilliant hologram color under strong lights. The color becomes even more saturated and intense by the use of a smartphone flash. This unique series will inject a new kind of effortless charm with its hidden hologram shine.

Pyramid is a 2-way bucket bag that can be switched easily from crossbody bag to small backpack. Apart from its street style, it also smartly designed outdoor functions. The bag comes with a detachable shell panel which can act as a hanging toiletry pack during your stay in hotel or in a tent, giving you extra luggage room.

Features: 240T Reflective Holographic Polyester, 400D Glossy Nylon, Water repellent, Drawstring closure, Unzip shell panel as hanging toiletry, Internal multi-function slots, Detachable adjustable shoulder straps, Reflective colorful holographic finish, Can be worn 3 ways : backpack / crossbody bag / hanging toiletry

Dimensions:  W 24CM X D 19CM X H 34CM | 13L