Christopher Dreamwalker Series - Grey


Dreamwalker Series: Rediscover the Extraordinary in Everyday Life

Experience the familiar paths with new eyes. Break free from monotony and take a detour through scenic wonders. Unplug from screens and tune in to the symphony of nature. Witness the magic in tiny moments. Follow the dancing butterfly as it weaves its way into unexpected encounters. The Dreamwalker Series invites you to rediscover the beauty that goes unnoticed amidst our daily routines. This groundbreaking backpack collection showcases Barley Skin, an innovative material crafted from saved grain by VEGATEX and Budweiser APAC, a series of rediscovering: from source materials to life.

Christopher Small is a roll-top backpack with a capable capacity of 18L. The roll-top allows more flexibility to pack more thing inside the bag as you can easily expand the opening by unrolling. The secure zip pocket on the backside allows you to store your phone and small goods safe and sound, and the detachable adjustable chest strap is compatible with other bag styles as a gadget pocket. With the innovative Barley Skin material crafted from saved grain by VEGATEX and Budweiser APAC, our Christopher Small is one of the first ever bags to showcase this groundbreaking material.

600D Recycled Polyester (Rpet)
#Dreamwalker : Digital Printed Doughnut Gradient Pattern
Water Repellent
Safe And Easy Access (Sea)
Roll-Top Closure With Buckles For Easy Opening And Expanding Capacity
Water Bottle Compartment
Up To 15-Inch Laptop Compartment
Vegan Leather Slot Patch With Abstract Alphabet Icons (Logo)
Padded Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Detachable Adjustable Chest Strap & Side Strap
Barley Skin (Beer Waste) Vegan Leather Trimming


W 32CM X D 15CM X H 45CM | 18L