Macaroon Large Sweetened Fantasy Series - Beige


Sweetened Fantasy – Scented Fields of Beauty.

Imagine the endless field of sweet-scented flowers. Wildflowers are blossoming in the fields. The light breeze gently blows your hair around, rustling the tall grass and flowers. What a lovely day to be in the world, and out on the fields! The wildflower sways left and right, forth and back, asking for a dance to the song of the birds. The blinding sun shines brightly on top of the sky, and the golden rays give the petals a joyous aura.

The Sweetened Fantasy Series uses 100% organic cotton twill, and is non-genetically modified (like you!). A specially designed Doughnut floral pattern complements Macaroon Large’s classic look. It has roomy storage and organized compartments. It has water bottle compartments and other functional organizers, and has a clean and stylish outlook.

10Oz Cotton

Grs (Global Recycled Standard) Certified Cotton

Recycled Leather Knot Zipper Puller

Designed Doughnut Floral Embroidery

Comes With a Detachable Embroidery Butterfly Charm

Water Bottle Compartment

Up To 15-Inch Laptop Compartment

Multi-Function Slots

Padded Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Recycled Leather Trimming

Dimensions: W 32CM X D 13CM X H 45CM | 18L