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PFC-Free Series – Getting Rid of the Long-lasting Chemicals

PFCs are man-made chemicals which are commonly used for water repellent coatings. However, once they are released into the environment, these toxic chemicals will never break down and last forever. In this series, Macaroon remains the key, with 100% PFC-free water-repellent fabric being applied for an eco-friendly minimalist look. Apart from the PFC-free feature, the fabric is also nylon/cotton mixed CORDURA Oxford, giving the softness of cotton fiber while also providing extra abrasion resistance.

The ultra-light Macaroon is perfectly-sized with a variety of colors as well as dual-color combinations that will expand your horizon.

Nylon/Cotton Mixed Cordura Oxford

100% PFC-Free Water Repellent

Water Bottle Compartment

Up To 14-Inch Laptop Compartment

Padded Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Recycled Leather Trimming

Dimensions: W 27CM X D 13CM X H 38CM | 16L